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Babysitter vs Nanny --  What’s the difference?

We often get asked this question and the answer is there is a big difference. Even though we use the same screening and reference process for Sitters and Nannies the IRS defines Nannies as a family employee. Babysitters are independent contractors.

Babysitters are hired by the hour and the rate will depend on the number of children. (See the Info/Rate page) The sitter will come to where the family is; your home, hotel, church, wedding reception, group meeting, etc., and she is there for the length of time needed. Sitters remain on the property and do not transport children in their personal cars. Parents give her instructions when she arrives such as meals, bed time routine, special needs, etc. We try to send the same sitter as frequently as possible, but families that use the service over a period of time usually get to know more than 1 sitter. We try to match the sitter to the job as best as possible. In other words grandmothers are great with babies, but the younger sitters are better able to keep up with active toddlers and pre-schoolers.You can request a certain age sitter if you prefer.

Once we have a date and time we can line up the sitter and then we will call you with her name and information you need about her. Sitters usually do not meet with the family prior to her 1st job with you. There are exceptions however, such as with overnights or early mornings when the children will not be awake when the parents leave. The sitter can arrive early the first time if you want to spend some time with her before you leave.

Nannies are hired employees of the family and work with an initial 1-year agreement. She works whatever hours and days the family needs, she may do shopping and provide transportation for the children, usually in the family car. A Nanny is responsible for everything regarding the care and feeding of the children. This may include the children’s laundry, keeping their areas straight, meals and cleaning up after a meal. It does not include heavier housework such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Nannies are paid a salary or hourly wage and the family is responsible for paying the employers share of her taxes and social security. While the job describtion may vary with each family, Nannies expect to work full time hours and look for beneifits such as health insurance and paid vacation time as any employee would. Benefits also vary with each family. This will all be discussed when a representtive of Nancy's Nannies meets with the family, in your home, to complete the family appliation. We will get information on the job description, duties, children, and what kind of Nanny the family is looking for. The fee to find a Nanny is $2600.00. Half is due to begin the search and the balance is due by the Nanny’s start date.

We will send you as many applicants as we can who meet your qualifications. The family will review her application, interview the candidates and decide who to hire. When an offer is made, and accepted, we will forward her references and background check and placement agreement detailing the specifics of the job. The balance of the placement fee is due by her start date. Please check the rate and information page for current fees.

There is a 30-day guarantee on the placement. If it does not work out during the 1st 30 days, and we have been informed of potential problems, we will continue to search at no additional charge.

Nancy’s Nannies is a member of the International Nanny association and follow their Recommended Practices for Placement Agencies. 

Please call or e-mail for a free consultation and to discuss your needs in person. We look forward to hearing from you.

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